Professional Commentary


David Miller, Producer

R & R Partners, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I can highly recommend Geoff as a Keynote Speaker and Voice Over Artist. He has a terrific sense of pace that brings significance to every word he speaks. You are drawn into his subject matter, whether you want to listen or not! His voice has a great natural character, richness and warmth. Whether it's a TV spot, speaking engagement or audio book, having Geoff involved will elevate your project."


David Womick, Producer/Director

Earthling Films, Atlanta, Georgia

"We chose Geoff to provide the voice over for a TV commercial. I conveyed what I was looking for in a short conversation. He nailed it on the first round, no changes. We have used Geoff on several occasions since and have never been disappointed."


David Wohlfarth, Client Director - Auto Partnerships

NCC Media, Atlanta, Georgia

"My background has been in advertising. I've had to give direction to many voice over artists throughout the years. Geoff is extremely unique. He carries himself with extreme professionalism and a poise that is unprecedented. With his powerful and confident voice, he delivers the right mix of luxury and persuasiveness. He is a cogent individual with an innate awareness of luxury trends and style. Whether you meet him in person or simply hear him, you will instantly feel the gravity of his appeal."


Rudy Gonzalez, CEO

Exotic Flights, Beverly Hills, California

"When you have someone representing your brand  with their voice, it becomes a powerful instrument. For it to be good, an instrument must be perfectly tuned and it must have the power to attract. Geoff has a powerful, well tuned voice that would add value to any brand. Like great singers, he hits all the octaves."