My Story

The World’s a Stage

Congratulations, you found me! If you’re in the luxury industry and looking for a voice and perhaps even a face to perfectly tell the unique story of your product and connect with exactly the right audience, then you’re in the right place.

There is a certain mindset for the luxury market. At a young age, golf gave me the entree to meet people of means and experience a luxury lifestyle. I have flown in private jets, enjoyed Five-Star hotels around the world, driven exotic automobiles, travelled on yachts and spoken with U.S. Presidents. I embody the luxury market, not only in my voice, but also in my thinking, actions and demeanor.

I have been working on my image for decades. It wasn’t until I got to a certain age did I think I finally grew into what I imagined. The term, “Ladies & Gentlemen”, always meant more to me then a greeting. It was a look, a way of life, behavior, a system of values to be admired and a certain belief in yourself that did not need anyone’s approval and yet was genuine.

We are all actors. However, I believe there is a certain nuance to a voice of someone who has experienced a luxury lifestyle. My voice was cultivated as a professional speaker; acutely aware of volume, tone, pace and body language to be ultra-persuasive. As a speaker, there are no edits or do-overs. You must get it right the first time. So it’s always my intention to get it right the first time, knowing that time and resources are precious.

I am not the star of the show. The product is, along with the happiness and satisfaction of the client. For this reason, harmony and taking directions well are a few of my strengths.

Poise, polished and professional. Timeless elegance. When you hear me, there is an unspoken message, a secret. There is luxury, fantasy, comfort and reassurance. Wouldn’t it be great to know that the person behind the mic, contributing the voice, feel and image of your luxury product is genuine?

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