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Elevated to Elegance

Congratulations, you found me! If you’re in the luxury industry and looking for a way to increase sales, then you’re in the right place.

There is a certain mindset for the luxury market. One that cannot be acquired through just research and inconclusive theories. At some time, only experience is the best teacher.

I have been a professional speaker and consultant for over thirty years and have trained a host of salespeople. My soon to be published book, "Moving From Selling To Seduction" is based on my own sales experiences in the luxury market and what inspires High-Net-Worth-Individuals to buy.

I have been working on my image for decades. It wasn’t until I got to a certain age, did I think I finally grew into what I imagined. The term, “Ladies & Gentlemen”, always meant more to me then a greeting. It was a look, a way of life, behavior, a system of values to be admired and a certain belief in yourself that did not need anyone’s approval and yet was genuine.

Poise, polished and professional. Timeless elegance. When you hear me, there is an unspoken message, a secret. There is luxury, fantasy, comfort and reassurance. In addition to elevating your sales performance to a level of elegance, I sometimes lend my voice in commercials to perfectly tell the unique story of your luxury product and help you connect with just the right audience.

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