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Turning a Process Into a Performance

Congratulations, you found me! If you’re in the luxury industry and looking for a way to increase sales, then you’re in the right place.


There is a certain mindset for the luxury market. One that cannot be acquired through just research and inconclusive theories. At some time, only experience is the best teacher.

I have been a professional speaker and consultant for over thirty years and have trained a host of salespeople. My soon to be published book, "Moving From Selling To Seduction, Turning a Process into a Performance," is based on my own sales experiences, good and bad, and what inspires everyone to buy, and especially High-Net-Worth-Individuals.

A professional selling image can take years to build and only minutes to destroy if not careful.  I've had my own ups and downs and it wasn’t until I got to a certain age and a lot of work, did I think I finally grew into what I imagined and made it permanent. The term, “Ladies & Gentlemen”, always meant more to me then a greeting. It was a look, a way of life, behavior, a system of values to be admired and a certain belief in yourself that did not need anyone’s approval and yet was genuine.


I've read all sorts of sales material, attended seminars and stuffed my car radio with CD's from all the best speakers and trainers, recorded myself and dissected every word and phrase in search of the Holy Grail. The secrets I found to increasing my performance was not in sales, but in the movies, and I applied the same attention grabbing, heart stealing strategies used by the best writers and actors to seduce an audience. Almost immediately, I found myself selling more with less effort. This is the basis for the strategies I share, and they fit perfectly on top any process you are currently using. 

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